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About Royal
Royal Anwar is becoming an extraordinary Ultrapreneur on a mission to help every human transcend themselves to become whoever they want to become
Royal's Story
Hi there, I'm Royal Anwar and I would like to share a few chapters of my story with you today.

I grew up in a remote village; there was no internet, no mobile phones and no social medias. We had tv when I was around 2006-7 and I used to watch The Knight Rider - it was my most favourite thing to watch in the world. I loved it (still do!). I loved the self-driving car and the things it could do (my dream car is Tesla because it reminds of KITT)
2012: that's me in my high school suit, year 11
My future was uncertain and there was no hope. I went through a lot of hardship, experienced lack and my parents passed away when I was just  young kid - but I'm grateful for all of that because it taught me lessons, made me strong and helped me develop my character and strive to have big ambitions, goals and mission to change the world, for good.
Chapter 4 - Coming to the UK, 2012

The universe had bigger plans for me, I had a bigger purpose, mission and calling that I didn't know about.  I came to the UK in 2012 as a refugee and things would never be the same after that...
Chapter 5 - the start of my Personal Development journey, 2015
 I was introduced to Network Marketing at the beginning of 2015, I had to wait about 4 months to turn 18 to be able to join the company. 

So I kept attending the training events and learned to present the business before I was even registered. I was the youngest person at most of the events and trainings suited up with my notebook, taking notes and excited to learn.
This was the start of my personal development journey and it forever changed the course of my life. My first mentor was Jim Rohn, I listened to his audio programs hundreds of times, I loved it. I fell in love with personal development and understanding myself...
2015: that's me there with the greyish suit doing a training, I was 18yrs old at that time...
2016: this was my first photoshoot, it was fun.  The photographer asked to look brutal, so I did.
Before I was introduced to network marketing; I had low self-esteem and confidence. I would literally avoid talking to girls in high school - I was new to the UK, I couldn't speak English properly. The school even brought in a translator to help me understand what the teacher was saying in the business classes and help with my assignments... 

But becoming a regular presenter and organising local events to present the business opportunity during my time in network marketing, and conducting trainings really boosted my confidence. I started dreaming, setting goals and improving my mindset. Now there was hope for the future!

I didn't like the education system so I decided to drop out of college in 2016.
Commercial Modelling
In 2016, I went for a few photoshoots to become a commercial model. It was fun - I got some nice photos for my social media :) 
I retired from Network Marketing in 2017, I didn't know what I wanted to do after that, I decided to go to university.
Chapter 6 - Building my own company, 2018
I studied a 1yr business program in Sheffield Hallam University but I didn't like university and where it would lead.  So at the beginning of 2018, I decided to not continue university and instead build my own business. 

You see, from the beginning of 2017 till early 2018, I had stopped working on myself and improving my mindset. I was going backwards exponentially. 

I was living in denial, sweeping my problems under the rug and thinking that I wouldn't be faced with the consequences. I was in a big financial mess - 20yrs old and in £20k debt. No income and no job because I was (still am) unemployable.
Things got really bad, I mean really fucking bad. All of a sudden the effect of living in denial and the result of all of my bad choices had come together to a point where I was getting into serious trouble. 

I had no choice but to face the music, there was no way around it. I remember being terrified and saying to myself holly fuck this is it Royal, you have to either man the fuck up to figure out how to solve this mess or face serious, legal consequences (that wouldn't end up good).

But I believed in my ability to figure it out - this was my secret weapon and this belief had become quite strong because I had figured things out before and kept working on this belief system. 
July, 2018: this was my student accommodation room in Sheffield, UK. My girlfriend had just come back from her holiday (2 of the suitcases are hers) and I went to pick her up from the airport with some roses. 

I took this photo to show the humble beginnings - this is where I fucking started my business from scratch with no money, broke af. I was writing my story and designing my dream life - as you can see the screen on my laptop.
Facing the Music and Transcending Myself
I started by clearly defining my current situation and my current character, this was one of the most painful thing in my life. 

My character had taken over, it didn't want to be defined. I was going through a tough battle. Every time I tried to define my character, it fought back and released a wave of strong emotions. 

It was so painful that I cried so many times trying to  define my character and current situation. But I fought back, I won. 

 I won the fight, I defined my current situation and character in detail, then I defined my desired situation and designed my dream life. 

Then I designed the character that I wanted to become, it was called Royal 3.0

I transformed myself and grew into my new character in 2018, I became a completely new person. I stopped drinking and taking other stupid stuff (drugs)... 

I stopped going out, I stopped everything and went all in to build my business. I have been working on average about 10 to 12 hours a day since June 2018 to build a massive business that serves millions of people and I fucking love it.
This is the exact process I used to define my current situation, design my dream life and the character I needed to grow into to achieve my dream life. 

I designed my dream life in detail then went to work to put in the action to make my vision come into reality. I've been documenting every major chapters of my life; and I'll release my story chapter by chapter...
Evolving and improving to add more value
I've been working 10-12hrs a day since June 2018 to build my business and I spent February and March 2019 to completely re-structure my business, update and improve my program to serve more people, add more value and deliver better results.

Our 2.0 Battle-Tested, Proven Done-For-You Program 
Differentiation Through Value Creation Strategies
Proven, Targeted Digital Marketing Strategies
I have been blessed and privileged to start my journey at such a young and be able to add value, and serve other people.
THE FUTURE... is bright!
I can't imagine doing anything else other than building a massive business that serves millions of people; solves their problems, makes life easier for them and helps them become whoever they want to become. 

Right now the group of people that I serve with my business is Life Coaches because through leveraging and helping them, I am able to reach more people to positively impact their lives.
My name is Royal Anwar, I am becoming an extraordinary ultrapreneur and my purpose, mission, vision and calling in life is to help every human transform themselves to become whoever they want to become. 

My business exists to fulfil a lifelong mission and purpose that was born out of the deepest voids in my heart - and a journey of struggle, hardship, lack, uncertainty and a series of character-building events...
The best compliment that I get is being called "crazy" or "odd" (my flatmate used to say that I'm a very "odd" person) - I admit, I am a little crazy and weird. Why else would someone not get a good-paying job and risk everything to become an ultrapreneur to build a business???

You see... reality is just a magnificent illusion. You create your own reality with your thoughts, beliefs and actions. You can change and become whoever you want to become!
Who Do You Want To Become?
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