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Craft a Differentiated Linkedin Profile
In this video I walk you through a step by step process and instruction to craft a powerful, magnetic and differentiated Linkedin profile and Facebook profile.

Crafting a magnetic, niche-specific Linkedin profile is essential to make Linkedin work as the core platform for getting higher paying clients and scaling your business to that next level.

Here's what we cover: 

- Craft a differentiated Linkedin profile
- Craft your Facebook profile
Resources & Downloads:
3 Powerful Tools
In this video we talk about 3 powerful tools to help you transcend yourself. Defining your vision, mission, principles and values are extremely important and you must have these clearly defined.
Here's what we cover: 

- Vision, Mission, Principles and KPIs
- The transcendence calendar
- Health & performance tracker
13x Productivity Hacks & Tools
In this video we talk about productivity hacks, tips and tools to help you eliminate distractions and stay focused.
Here's what we cover: 

- 13x productivity hacks
- Tools to help you eliminate distractions and stay focused
Resources & Downloads:
Routine Process
In this video we talk about the importance of having a routine that helps you achieve your goals and dreams, become more productive and leverage your time better.

Here's what we cover: 

- Hyper-focusing on the 20% of activities that creates 80% of the results
- The power of architecting a systemised routine
- Step by step process to create a powerful routine
- Hacking your brain to form revenue-generating habits and routines
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